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Tabernacle of YHWH Congregation

Kilauea, HI

Sabbath Assembly 10:00 AM Saturdays. Come find out Who is missing in Judaism and What is missing in Christianity?

We are Torah Observant Israelites from both Judaism and the nations embracing both Hebrew Scriptures and the Apostolic Writings.

Sabbath Feast and fellowship meal following Torah Study and prayer. Please bring a biblically kosher dish to share.

We follow a three year Torah Reading Cycle reading through The Torah, Prophets, and the Apostolic Writings. If you would like the 3 year Torah Reading calendar with the Torah readings, along with the dates for the new moons and annual holy festivals, please email us.

For those seeking to see scripture through the eyes of the Hebrews, Torah Studies are also available throughout the week.

Hebraic and Health Resources are also available.

"Is there any advantage, then, in being a Jew? Or is there any value in being circumcised? There are all kinds of advantages. First of all, God entrusted them with his word". Romans 3:1-2


Contact: Thomas Eisendrath

Address: Physical Meeting Location
Christ Memorial Parish Hall
2518 Kolo Rd
Kilauea, HI 96754

Phone: 808-346-8743


Tikvat Yisrael

Honolulu, Hawaii

The faith of the patriarchs and the Torah given at Mount Sinai are the foundations for the true Hebraic faith. This faith makes room for Jews and gentiles under the same covering. This is the faith of Israel-THE WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. A faith made up of Believers from Judah and Ephraim (Israel) with true Ger/non-Israelites being brought in alongside as equal partakers of the promises.

Phone: (808) 351-6364

Website: http://tikvatyisrael.com/

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.