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The primary resource that MCC offers is our Elder Board. This group of men and their wives have a combined experience in leading communities of faith of over 100 years. From small bible studies and home fellowships to some of the most stable congregations in the Hebraic roots/Messianic community, these elders have a vast amount of experience. This collection of wisdom, and old fashioned common sense, is made available to the members of MCC. It is a true human resource center. Their collective experience covers every foreseeable issue that communities of faith might encounter.

As parents and grandparents of children being raised in the Hebraic roots of the Messianic faith, their wisdom on family matters will be very beneficial as well. They all understand and walk out the concept that true effective ministry is from the inside out - from the heart, to the home, to the community and then the nation. We will put you in touch with the elder who has the greatest expertise in your particular area of concern.

Of course each one of the elders has their own network of support which members of MCC will be made available to members of MCC as well. Their years of service have produced multiple connections with Kingdom minded individuals and ministries who can be a benefit to any organization, large or small, in a variety of areas. Scripture is clear about the benefits of a “multitude of counselors” and the establishment of elders to serve the needs of His people. MCC is honored to offer those benefits to you.

Utilizing this human resource center will allow you to avoid some potential issues and help you deal with current concerns. Topics such as leadership structure, development of people, networking, community growth, technology, hosting events, and facility management are part of the concerns any community encounters and can be directly benefited through the experience of the MCC Elder Board and our administrative staff. Of course areas such as theology, worship, dance, and counseling are often discussed as well. It has been very beneficial for communities to utilize the collective wisdom of our Elder Board on a variety of topics which are too numerous to list here. The counsel is given with a strong emphasis on confidentiality and individualized attention.

Through this type of personal interaction, a network of like minded servant leaders has been established and is growing. Our Elder Board is dispersed across the USA as you can see below. At times, upon your request, they will be pleased to come to your area to visit your group and provide whatever support might be necessary.

We invite you to explore MCC and our greatest asset, our people. Let us help you as you help others. From our experienced administrative staff to the leadership team, the people of MCC are here to serve.

Elder Board

John McQuary - Becoming One Stick In His Hand - Hebraic Roots Assembly, Houston, TX
Earl Walters - B'nai Israel Messianic Assembly, Tulsa, OK
Robbie Walters - B’nai Israel Messianic Assembly, Tulsa, OK

Administrative Positions

MCC President & Host - John McQuary
Director of Development - Earl Walters

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